Group photo of the collaborators and the researchers, March 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics (AGenCy) lab at the Independent University Bangladesh (IUB), established in 2010 (previously known as Computer Vision and Cybernetics Research Lab), is dedicated to education and research in the theory and application of Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics. This includes development of computational models for data representation, visualization and analysis in a number of fields of study including, but not limited to, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Environmental and Geospatial data analysis, Bioinformatics, Particle physics and Astrophysics, Rehabilitation and Sports technology, and IoT and Robotics. Our focus is the development and use of models and tools from probabilistic machine learning, deep learning, signal processing and statistical Inference. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the problems we address, the lab is composed of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and collaborators from multiple desciplines - computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, economics, environmental science departments from IUB and other renowned universities from home and abroad.

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